My First T-shirt Quilt

Earlier this year a friend asked me to turn her large pile of her beloved running shirts into a quilt. I was a little nervous never having done a project like this before but I knew there were plenty of tutorials and resources online. And what fun this turned out to be! One shirt was from as early as 1996! I used Shapeflex to stabilize the cut shirts. Arranging the layout was a delightful challenge and I enjoyed filling in the odd areas with bright patchwork that complemented the printed designs. I chose a grey cotton/linen blend textured fabric for the border that helped to frame all the pieces without being a distraction. The calm border allowed my bright and happy binding to really pop. I found a large grey and white check fabric that was 108″ wide for the backing (yay! no center seam!). Border, backing and binding were all from JoAnns. I had this quilted by Dianne from Hooven Sewing Center. She used a clear thread on top that really works well for blending in so that you can see the beautiful quilting but no thread color that would distract from the details of the shirts. Hoping this memory quilt brings my friend much joy for many years to come. Anyone else have a pile of shirts they don’t wear but want to remember? I’d love to create a special memory quilt for you too.