Gypsy Wife Quilt Complete

I’m so thrilled to be able to say I’ve completed my Gypsy Wife Quilt for SWAN’s upcoming auction in May.

I picked out fabrics for this fun project on January 12th and put the last stitch in on April 9th. However, I did take a few breaks when I just had to look at something different for a change in my sewing room. I found the stripes in the background to be a very intriguing and delightful puzzle, being sure to always have the same shade of navy run from top to bottom in its row. I used Kona Solids in Storm, Nautical and Nightfall. I love the subtle texture they add to the night sky.

I quilted it with just straight lines down the center of each stripe and about 1/4″ from the seam on many of the shapes. For many of the golden centers of the “stars” I brought the quilting lines together to the very middle. Yes, there were lots of thread changes!

I bound it in a very simple and subtle blue on navy. I could not find the name of this fabric on the bolt but it did the trick and I was glad to not have to work with more completely solid navy.

I had fun photographing this quilt even though it’s not exactly my personal style.

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to offer this quilt to SWAN’s upcoming auction and hope that it’s sale can richly benefit SWANS’s vulnerable children, and bring cheer to it’s new owner.